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2008 National Shire Show - Harrisburg, PA

We had a great time at the National show this year.  I had a great show crew consisting of Mike Long.  Many thanks to Marion Young for judging the show.  There were many super nice horses all of which deserved to be at the largest Shire show in the country.

Marie was Best American Bred Mare.
The following pictures were taken by Lidia Taylor

Hudson was Grand Champion Gelding along with being Best American Bred Gelding.  Northeast Shire's entry in Get of Sire took first place.
The following pictures were taken by Lidia Taylor

2008 New England Regional Shire Show - Skowhegan, ME

This show, thanks to Vicky Schmidt of Troika Drafts, turned out to be the largest Shire regional show in the country with over 30 Shires in the halter classes.
Northeast Shires couldn't have done any better!  Thanks to the help of Karla Stoner and Mike Long we took Grand Champion Mare, Grand Champion Gelding, and Reserve Chamipion Stallion!

Manny took first place in the weanling stallion class, Junior Champion Stallion and Reserve Champion Stallion.  The only horse that beat him was is sire, Isles Field Danny Boy.
The following pictures were taken by Lidia Taylor and Clowater Art & Photography.
Hudson won his class and took Grand Champion Gelding
The following pictures were taken by Clowater Art & Photography.
Marie won her class and took Grand Champion Mare
The following pictures were taken by Vicky Schmidt, Lidia Taylor, and Clowater Art & Photography

2005 National Shire Show - Rifle, CO

This was the longest trip that Northeast Shires has ever taken.  Three days it took to get to Rifle, CO from Epsom, NH.  Our first day took 16 hours to get to Alliance, OH, the home of Phil and Sharlet Kurtz.  Phil and Sharlet volunteered to be Northeast Shire's crew and what a crew they were!  Phil did much of the driving for the following two days and Sharlet worked her butt off caring for the horses, all five of them.

We all survived the trip and arrived in Rifle very late on Tue night.  We were met at the fair grounds by Sharon and Brit McLin who really went out of there way to make our arrival as painless as possible.

We arrived three days before the show to give the horses a chance to get used to the altitude.  Our first day was spent setting up our decorations and our hospitality stall.  We wanted to give everyone just a little taste of NH so we had pictures of our farm on display along with free samples of Larry's homemade Apple wine made from Apples from our farm.

Sharlet decided that she wanted to try riding Ben.  Ben only had about three weeks of training under saddle and had NEVER been in an arena and had NEVER been around other horses such as that in a show environment.  Oh, and he had only been cantered twice, on a trail ride.

I brought my dressage saddle and Sharlet brought her western saddle.  Sharlet rode Ben a total of three times before her first class, the western class.

This was a big class and we all just hoped that we didn't come in last.  Ben and Sharlet did VERY VERY well and managed to place fourth!  Next was the English class.  This ended up being at night in the indoor arena.  Again we were so excited about how well Ben and Sharlet did, another fourth place!

We owe many thanks to Tom Tayler of Taylor Shires.  He took the time to fly to Rifle from NY to help show the horses of Northeast Shires.  I have to say that he brought us together and tought us some new tricks of the trade.

In halter class Marion took second in the three year old mare class.
Ben took third place in the adult stallion class.  This was a big class with MANY nice stallions.  Taking third place was a great accomplishment.
The star of the show was Clyde who took first place!!  What a perfect guy he was.

Central Regional Shire Show - Ohio 2004

WOW!!  We had a blast at the Ohio State Fair.  The Northeast Shires' crew included Shannon & Ryan Keeler (my neighbors and the best barn slaves in existence), Vicki & Michael Hauser (Lily and Abby's new parents), and Judy Brodland.  Many extra "thank you"'s go to Judy.  She actually flew out from Washington to New Hampshire and then drove more than 16 hours with us from NH to OH.  Judy helped in so many ways and also provided a ton of emotional support for me and she was the official photographer for Northeast Shires.  Judy was working with terrible lighting conditions but still did a great job with all of the pictures below. 

Duke of Earl:  Reserve Champion Stallion, Best American Bred Stallion, Junior Champion Stallion, 1st place two year old stallion

Marion:  Junior Champion Mare, 1st place two year old mare

Northeast Abbigail:  1st place weanling filly


National Shire Show - KILE 2003


National Shire Show - KILE 2002
(KILE - Keystone International Livestock Exposition held in Harrisburg, PA)


This show turned out to be the largest Shire show in the United States history!  We were really proud to be a part of it.  Lily did great placing fourth (out of a very large class) in the "Two Year Old Filly" class.  Fini also did great placing fourth (out of a very large class) in the "Yearling Filly" class.  Together they placed second in the "Produce of Dam" class.  We hope to have pictures and video from the show soon.

KILE 2001
(KILE - Keystone International Livestock Exposition held in Harrisburg, PA)

Lily placed second in the "Yearling Filly" class and third in the "Get of Sire" class.  The "Yearling" class was a large class with many nice fillies.  We are very proud of Lily for taking second place!

Fancy placed second in the "Mare and Foal" class and third in the "Broodmare" class.

Fini placed third in the "Get of Sire" class and third in the "Weanling Filly" class.  Poor Fini was kicked by a two year old mare at the show just before entering the show ring for her class and didn't feel much like trotting for the judge!

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